Our Mission is to continue to lead the way in training and providing highly skilled professionals to meet the needs of our children. We are the premier education firm with the most talented team of specialized and dedicated staff.

We are a solution focused firm that specializes in providing schools and families with support regarding strengths and weaknesses, specialized programs, and services. We strive to provide support on how to best meet the learning needs all of children and enhance their educational experience.

The EvalGroup’s goal and focus is to provide information to parents, students and schools to create optimized learning environments for ALL students. Our teams are invested in creating programs and continuing their mission in learning all they can in order to help others.

Intellectual Evaluations

Knowledge of cognitive functioning to determine strengths and weaknesses and determine special educational eligibility.

Social-emotional Evaluations

Assessment of social emotional functioning in the areas related to anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Autism, depression, and other mental health related issues.

Consultation Services

Consulting with different schools using a collaborative approach.


Attendance to 504s, IEPs and other educationally related school meetings.

Behavior Support

Interventions and consultations to assist parents, teachers and administrators in managing student behavior.

Parent & Student Advocacy

Acting as a liaison between the school and parents to ensure that every child’s unique needs are met.

Program Development

Program Planning with collaborative efforts.
Developing Educational Accommodations and Modifications to share with schools.

Disability Diagnosis

Services to determine specific learning disabilities.